April 16, 2003

Buva "daydream"

I have become totally and utterly and unapologetically addicted to Daydream, the debut EP from Los Angeles' soon-to-be stars, Buva. How could I be anything but hooked on this Todd Rundgren-meets-Jellyfish -meets nobody else ear-candy? Apparently there's been a growing buzz for this little band that can, and the utterly goregous "She Gets Around" has started to receive airplay on the esteemed no-bullshit radio station KCRW.

These five songs really don't play games with you, either. A reaction--and addiction--is immediate. I know that I found myself hitting the repeat button afterwards. These songs have a radio-friendly sound, thanks in part to the production of Andy Chase (Ivy, Tahiti 80), and songs such as "Daydream" and "I Fall Asleep" certainly could--in fact, should be radio hits. All of the songs will remind you of--without ever sounding like--what made Ben Folds Five so damn great. Clever, intelligent lyrics, great music, and an affecting vocalist are three factors that have conspired to make Buva a band to watch. Expect to see them in the "next big thing" category, and feel assured that at least they've got it right.

Really, why shouldn't Buva be on the radio? Why is melody and intelligent songwriting something to be feared? Why do young, intelligent people automatically assume that music that's popular must be void of intelligence, and must be something greater than what it is? Why must music that's not aimed for Joe Undergraduate or High School Sulkiteen be dismissed as something less than cool? Buva are a prime example of this. These guys should be freakin' huge, and I have to give them major props for making music that doesn't aim for "target demographics," AKA the ficlke teenage set. Buva is meant for intelligent thinkers, lovers of melodic pop music, and if that means that the "kids" don't get it, that's FINE. One day, the kids will understand. One day, the youth of today will appreciate good music and smart songwriting.

When they grow up.

--Joseph Kyle

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