June 14, 2002

Fury "Resurrection"

Historical hardcore document from those wonderful DC-scene kids. While I'm not up on the whole DC history and I think I packed up my copy of the excellent Dance of Days I don't know the exact history Fury, but there's one thing that's most recognizable: the singing.

Yes, punk kids, that screaming yelp is none other than a teenaged Chris Thomson. Thomson's got one of those instantly recognizable screetching-madman/boy genius vocal styles. While not quite as passionate as Circus Lupus, nor as discordantly dance-y as Monorchid, nor as amateurishly witty as Skull Kontrol, Fury has a fire--a small spark--of genius yet to come.

The music on here's straight-up hardcore--and I'll plead ignorance about the subject right here--and, yet, it's trying to be something more. Thomson's got a budding rant-voice, one that saw a greater depth in those previously-mentioned bands, and though he's mumbling and shouting in a blur of lyrics and guitar power. "Resurrection" is perhaps the closest thing to sounding like Skull Kontrol, but you can hear those other bands in Resurrection. I'm also really partial to "Shotgun," with its brooding danger seeping through the bassline. In other places, it seems like these are kids who haven't quite broken free from their Ian McKaye-related record collection. Youthful imitation isn't bad, though it doesn't always make that interesting of a listen.

According to the press bio, this was twelve minutes committed to tape and is a rant, and my god, it sounds like it. Not that I'm saying such thing as an insult, it's just how it is. And not that Fury shuld be dismissed, either. It's a fun listen, mind you; it's just not a particularly important one, unless you're wanting to go back and get a feel of the DC-hardcore era of the late 80s. As a picture of where the musicians came from, however, it's mildly interesting--though I recommend jumping over this one and going straight to Circus Lupus and Monorchid instead--though I think that someone should reissue the lost Los Mordidas discography.

--Joseph K.

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