June 14, 2002

Anamude "Urban Comfort"

Anamude is the singular project of Ana Hortillosa, who set about creating this record all by her lonesome, with nothing but her singin', her guitar pickin' and her accordion grindin'. She's got the vibe that is all Sunday morning, 4:12 am, post-show, smoke-filled post houseparty comedown. It's kind of dark, too, whcih I like--but not too dark, though. She sings with such a sweet smile, you can't help but be won over by her charm.

Actually, Urban Comfort is a pretty nice little record, not too sweet, but not too dark, either. The only problem I have with it is that occasionally, the vocals sound a little too similar; it seems like she could do with a little variety in her presentation. Of course, when you're playing an all-acoustic set, you do run this risk, and relative newcomer Hortillosa doesn't always have the strength to hold up under the stripped-down pressure. I like "nosedive" and the three part "urban comfort" suite, even though they don't really seem to be connected with one another.

My minor stylistic quibbles aside, Urban Comfort is a pleasant little diversion. I like the slow, sadder things in life, and though I'm not in that particular mindset right now, I'm sure that this would play along quite well for that mood.

--Joseph Kyle

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