November 01, 2006


As you may notice, Mundane Sounds does not carry advertising. We take pride in being a commercial-free website. The decision to do so has merits, but it also creates liabilities. We are a website, and we do have expenses, and though they may be minimal, they are still expenses that hinder us. To offset this, we have decided to offer underwriting spots. Your donation will help keep us alive and afloat, so that we can offer you commercial-free interviews and content.

For those who donate, your name (and a link to your label, if you so desire) will appear on the index page under the title "Sponsored in Part By:" or something similar to that, for a period of one month or longer, depending upon the size of your donation. For every twenty dollars donated, your link will appear for one month's time. If you have questions or wish to make a donation, please contact me directly at:

Thank you for supporting Mundane Sounds and helping us stay ad-free!

Joseph Kyle
Editor, Mundane Sounds

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