December 13, 2005

Tender Trap "Language Lessons"

It's been way too long since Amelia Fletcher graced the indie-pop world with a new record. When you go back and listen to her records with Heavenly and Marine Research, it's hard to believe that the world would allow her lovely voice to fall silent. Tender Trap's record came out in 2002, and three years' wait is simply unfair. But not to fear! Matinee has saved them from the den of obscurity. Language Lessons breaks that drought, and it's about time, too!

Even though they're older and wiser, the band's not lost any of their charm. Fletcher's in fine, fine voice; she still sings as if she possesses the world's biggest smile, and the band's music is never lacking in charm. "Talking Backwards" is a fun little girl-group style romp that allows Fletcher to stretch her singing muscles. It is a fun little romp, and a classic pop number. "Unputdownable" is a mellower number; it's not quite as charming as the previous song, but it's still quite nice. The final two songs, "¿Como Te Llamas?" and "Friendster," were released a few years ago on a Spanish single, but they're still quite enjoyable; "Friendster" is an ode to that once-popular website, and "¿Como Te Llamas?" is a frantic-paced new-wave number that's very similar to labelmates Pipas. (Of course, with Pipas' own Lupe Nunez-Fernandez as a guest vocalist, how could it not?)

As a teaser for their forthcoming album, Language Lessons is a fun little indie-pop romp. It's good to know that Amelia is still making good music--but, really, that's not a surprise. A sweet little treat, this!

--Joseph Kyle

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