November 28, 2005

Attractive "Attractive"

One wouldn't expect members of the hardcore band Snapcase to start a band that was melodic new-wave power pop, but that's exactly what's happened. Attractive is a new group, formed by three members of Snapcase, plus Josh English, former lead singer of Six Going on Seven. What's even more impressive is how damn good this band actually is. The band is tight; English is an excellent singer, and although their choice of musical style might be played out, their ability to make it sound fresh and exciting again is what impresses the most. Though it's frustratingly short, you'll find yourself listening to it more than once, as the songs are all repeaters. I'm most satisfied by "The War Years," but the other two songs, "Irony Grows in Brooklyn" and "Mother Tongue" are equally satisfying. Attractive is a stunning surprise, and is simply a fun listen. This band could be big....

--Joseph Kyle

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