July 11, 2005

Chemical Brothers "The Boxer"

Building upon Push the Button, their excellent return to form, The Chemical Brothers' new single The Boxer is an excellent companion to their latest work. In addition to the album version of the title track, The Boxer also features four remixes and two previously unreleased numbers. The two remixes of "Believe" are interesting, but ultimately don't really challenge the energy of the album version, while the remix of "Galvanize" rearranges the pulse of the original while retaining the excellent vocals of Q-Tip. The two unreleased tracks, "Giant" and "Spring" are beautiful little electronica pieces, but they seem out of place among the more high-energy dance material offered here.

Don't think that there's nothing worthwhile on The Boxer, though. It's the DFA remix of "The Boxer" that makes this single worthy of your attention. In an Old School meets New School showdown, DFA radically remixes the song, blending all the elements of The Chemical Brothers' older, more psychedelic moments with their own new-wave disco beat. By slowing down the beat and adding all kinds of new ideas to it, DFA turns the song into a mini symphony, and the end result is a sexy slow-jam for the ecstacy generation, and it's enough to make you wish the two groups would collaborate further.

If you want to hear The Chemical Brothers at their finest, start with Push The Button. If you want to affirm the greatness of that record, pick up The Boxer--especially if you want to hear one of the best remixes of all time.

--Joseph Kyle

Artist Website: http://www.thechemicalbrothers.com
Label Website: http://www.astralwerks.com

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