December 07, 2003

Various Artists "The Matinee Records Autumn Assortment!"

It's been a really great year for Matinee. They've released a TON of really really GOOD pop records, all of which have been on the office stereo for quite some time. I always get so excited to get a Matinee record, and if you've never ever experienced the Matinee label (for shame!), then Jimmy Tassos has, once again, put together a treat for you! Every year, he has festivals around the world, and he always puts together a goodie for those who make it out to the shows. (Lucky Europeans!)

This year's treat is The Matinee Autumn Assortment!, and much like last year's Summer Splash, it's a fine, fun little collection of artists participating at his shows. This time taking place in fall, the sampler has a lovely autumnal feel. The songs are poppy as always, though some songs seem a little sadder than usual. Oh, wait, they're not sad, they're pensive. Ah, okay, I understand now. Still, they're not as miserable as Morrissey (well, maybe Harper Lee, but that's just Keris' thing), though we have received word that Matinee will pay Mozzer and company tribute this next year.

All the usual suspects are here: stalwards Harper Lee (who pop off an EXCELLENT song, "Autumn"), The Lucksmiths, The Would-Be-Goods (with a powerful little unreleased ditty, "morning after") Airport Girl, Liberty Ship (with an excellent entry from their forthcoming debut album), Slipslide, The Pines, Pipas (with a nifty remix from their most recent album), The Windmills and Lovejoy, who provide a Pet Shop Boys-style dance song which for some reason makes me think also of Madonna--oh wait, cuz it's called "Strike a Pose" and seems to reference her ever-so-slyly.

Short, concise, to-the-point. More samplers and compilations need to take a lesson--all of these songs are winners, but, of course, that Matinee logo should already tell you that. A great little compilation for a great little label. Enjoy, and if you ain't got on the Matinee train, get with it, kids!

--Joseph Kyle

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