December 27, 2003

The Ios "Chattanooga"

This little three-song CD-rom has spent a little bit of time in my stereo, and I love every minute of it! They've got a bit of a punky, new waveish little sound, and though I've seen comparisons to Weezer, I'd say that they're more aligned with the much-better Rentals. "Chattanooga" kicks things off. Once you've totally tapped yer toes, they slow things down a bit with the lovely, spaced-out "Laika" --how could a song with that name not bee spaced-out? "Cheers, Looting" is my favorite, where The Ios turn on all the charm, putting aside the pop, and turning up the "rock." It's quite fun, and I like the boy-girl vocal trade-offs, too. There's even a bit of a Billie Joe vocal sneer in there, too. A fun little record, and I definitly look forward to hearing more!!!

--Joseph Kyle

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