July 17, 2003

Violet Nine "S/T"

This four-song EP arrived just in the nick of time...summer! The world will never grow tired of bands that are meant just for summertime fun, and Violet Nine certainly fit that category. Their sound blends alternative rock with a little bit of the emo style that's popular with the kids, and, guess what folks? It's pretty good stuff! For a demo, these guys have a real clean, tight sound, one that's very friendly, easy on the ears, and is actually pretty much ready to go straight to radio. They're never heavy on the cliches, either, which is always a really good thing as well. When they're rocking, as on "Proposal" and "Behind the Glass," they're super tight, but when they slow down on "Counting Down" and "Slow Down," they're really really melodic. I really like Ben Consoli's voice, too; it's never too whiney, never too hard--it's just right. I'm hoping these guys get swooped up by a label that will do them right, because it simply just doesn't seem right for them to be self-releasing their stuff, when obviously they deserve much better.

--Joseph Kyle

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