July 27, 2003

Sekiden "1+1=Heartache"

Wowie! These Australian kids really know how to pack a powerful pop punch, and if you're not left totally smilin' and happy after the 9:56 minutes of onslaught new wave pop, then, well, check yr pulse! Sekiden go for that cutesy robotic pop thing--which works wonders, because they know what they're doing--and it all sounds perfectly radio friendly. They make The Rentals look like rip-off artists, yet they sound like Weezer's kid brother. The title track kicks things off, and it's a pop kick in the stomach. "Sloth" follows, and though they turn off the new wave and turn up the guitars, they do it quite well. Same thing for "Mastersystem" and "Sleepyhead." These kids are poised for greatness back in Australia, and if they play it right, they may conquer us, too. Let's hope so. It's been too long since we've been conquered.

--Joseph Kyle

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