June 03, 2003

THe Tall Boy "Goes On"

The Tall Boy is the remarkably pop debut of Matty Green, who was once the ace guitarist for drunken punk tweepop band Boyracer. I tell you this now because you certainly wouldn't guess it from listening to Goes On, which is one of the better indiepop albums this year. Instead of thrashing it out like Stewart Anderson, he goes his own way, and in so doing, comes up with an album that's quite indebted to French pop and jazz. Of course, it's easy to see the French connection when he offers up a cover (in French) of Serge Gainsbourg's classic "Harley Davidson." At times, I feel like I'm listening to what Ben Watt would have done had he not decded to do Everything With His Girl.

I've listened to this record while dyeing clothes and while painting, and I've got to say it's one of the most artistically inspiring records I've heard in a while. From stirring socks in fuschia dye while listening to "Make Up Your Mind" to washing paintbrushes while listening to "Conversations," or coloring in drawing during "Toast and Love," I've felt nothing but inspired while listening to Goes On. There's only one moment that isn't quite as good as the rest--mainly the brief burst of noise at the end, "Narita Departures." Since random bursts of noise and experimental rackets are kept to a minimum, the record flows quite well, and never seems a bit disjointed.

Goes On is a most inspiring little debut, and let's hope that The Tall Boy doesn't decide do Go On when it comes time to make more records; his muse is certainly most friendly, and is brilliant in a way that others should be envious.

--Joseph Kyle

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