June 07, 2003

Simpatico "Club Life"

Simpatico is Jason Sweeney, one-man new-wave pop band--or at least he is right. Club Life is a fun little collection of down-and-out yet upbeat new-wavey pop, and I'm not one to say no to it! As the title implies, these songs have a bit more of a dance beat to them, but that's okay, because they're smart, literate, and just as good as you'd expect to come from the wonderful folk at Matinee! Personally, I'm fond of "First & Last Warning" and the clubland-oriented Pet Shop Boys-ish "Self-Conscious," but, really, all of these songs are choice! Sweeney has covered Joe Jackson's "Steppin' Out" (which is a major point- scorer in my book), and though that's not on here, it's still a great little number, worth seeking out. A fun record, sure to remind you of your late-80s ways...

--Joseph Kyle

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