August 05, 2002

The Lucksmiths "Where Were We?"

I like this record. There's no real reason to go into any further detail about that--there's nothing to pontificate on. Besides, why should I? I like the Lucksmiths; they make good, pretty, literate pop. How could anyone not really like the Lucksmiths? There's plenty to like about them, and a great deal of it comes from the fact that their music is simply pretty.

Where Were We? is their second singles collection, and these songs clearly show that not only are their b-sides just as brilliant as their singles. Of course, you really see a band's best side when you listen to a compilation album, because you know they're putting (in theory) their best work forward, and such is definitly the case with the Lucksmiths. Starting with their lovely "The Cassingle Revival" (from, heh, a cassingle!), you're pelted with quiet acoustic pop that is easily and quickly compared to such bands as Aden, Belle and Sebastian, and The Go-Betweens. All of these songs shimmer quietly, and while they don't knock you down, they'll pick you up rather nicely.

Really, how could you possibly go wrong with songs about falling in love, being sad, changing seasons, and thoughtful introspection? Truth is, you can't, really, and the Lucksmiths haven't been wrong for several years now. Pick up Where Were We? and get a good listen today to the future stars of tomorrow. Even if the stardom thing doesn't work out, you'll still be glad you spent some time with them, because Where Were We is the sound of a young indiepop band growing up and growing into an impressive act.

--Joseph Kyle

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