June 01, 2006

New Cave In!

I love Cave In. In my humble opinion, they're easily one of today's best rock bands. But they've been in a weird place over the past few years, what with a major label disaster and hassles that have, well, kept the band from realizing its full potential. Last year's Perfect Pitch Black was a great record, even if it was more of a 'clearing the pipes' release than an album proper. On last winter's tour, they sold a two-song cassette with two new tracks. Let's just say that Cave In's future is looking rather interesting. Eschewing the prog moments that have punctuated their previous releases, these two new songs definitely show a band regaining their hard, more metallic edge. Of course, they've not lost their pop druthers, and vocalist Stephen Brodsky's singing is just as good as ever. Can't wait for that new record!

Listen To: "Shapeshifter"

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