June 26, 2006

Death Vessel "Stay Close"

Death Vessel's debut record's Stay Close has been out for a while, but it's cool, because it's a good record for summertime. It's a simple record, made with the most basic of instrumentation—mostly mandolin, banjo, voice, and acoustic guitar. Their music is bright and joyful and pretty and catchy and not as near as scary as the band name might suggest. These songs all seem right for a Saturday night hoot on your front porch. The music is joyous; Joel Thibodeau's signing is extremely wonderful, and there's something that's indescribably happy about the band's music. If I had to pick a favorite from these wonderful songs, I'd probably have to say that "Later in Life Lift" and "Tidy Nervous Breakdown" are the best record here, but it's hard for me to say that, because I'm simply in love with every song found here. Also, not to be neglected is their rather excellent cover of Townes van Zandt's "Snow Don't Fall."

Listen To: "Tidy Nervous Breakdown"

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PS. That's not a woman singing!

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