February 28, 2006


I’m genuinely excited about this...Sweden’s Surrounded have placed three excellent, unreleased songs that are (hopefully) from their forthcoming album, Safe Tomorrow Sun, on their Myspace. Their debut album, Safety in Numbers, was released way back in 2003 via Deep Elm, is a wonderful, epic-laden masterpiece, and it whetted the appetite for a follow-up. (I wrote a wonderful review of it, but apparently it was lost.) Anyway, these three songs are sad and grand and beautiful; these songs definitely place them in a league with bands like Flaming Lips and Grandaddy. “Terra Firma Legion Farewells” and "In Comforts Tight Clothes" are deeply beautiful and grand, more epic and less "rock," but that’s really quite okay. The third number, "Bolder Acrobat," is more of a traditional sounding number, but, again, it's also quite excellent. No word on when this wonderful record will be out--but these little tastes definitely prove that their album will, in fact, be quite wonderful.

Here are a few tracks from Safety in Numbers, so you can, like, catch up:

Listen To: "Exit Serenade"
Listen To: "On Top of the World
Listen To: "Diesel Palace"
Listen To: "Better Not Be So"

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