February 27, 2006

About the new Mundane Sounds

A bit of history, shall we?

I created Mundane Sounds in 2001. That year was a busy one: I published a print 'zine, Lois Is My Queen, I served as a hard-working news reporter for Pitchfork Media, and I collaborated with others on another short-lived website, the basis of which would become the site you nowknow. Mundane Sounds was born out of a desire to control my own destiny, but mainly, I just wanted to have a forum where I could discuss music. It started as a bit of a lark, but then it grew and grew, and more people started to pay attention. All I wanted to do was talk about music and share my opinion, and I think I did that pretty well. In fact, Mundane Sounds has far exceeded my initial vision--I don't think I could have imagined, way back in 2001, that it would grow into what it grew into. It's hard not to smile about that, because, well, success is something to be proud of, even if it's a small-scale success.

In 2004, we switched from a weekly format to a daily format. It was the right decision, and I don't regret it one bit. In 2006, after two years in the same format, I realized that the time had come for a major change. After all, two years is a long time in the internet publishing game, and it became quite obvious that the previous format was no longer viable for my vision of what I wanted with Mundane Sounds. It's a natural step, this; now, we're able to bring you worthwhile coverage of quality music on a 24/7 basis. Though our website's look has changed, our vision behind it hasn't.

So now, here we are, a new year, a new format! I hope you like it. With this new style, we can continue to bring you well-formed opinions of the music of today, with the added bonus of having the ability to introduce you to artists you haven't heard of...yet. It's an exciting new chapter in Mundane Sounds' history, and I'm glad you're here with us. Thank you for your readership--and the best is yet to come! Expect more positive growth as we grow into our new format, because, well, we're here for you.

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