February 27, 2006

The Online Romance

Occasionally, some people send me their vinyl releases. Unfortunately, my turntable doesn't work. So it takes some time for me to get around to listening to such things--if I ever do. Case in point: last summer, I received a single from a Portland-based band called The Online Romance. I still haven't heard the single, but now I really, really want to, because...well, because the song from their single is really, really good! They compare themselves to The Shins and Saturday Looks Good to Me, and for good reason. The band, led by Jack Saturn, share that same sort of lo-fi baroque pop ethic that you'll find in both bands. Not that they're derivative; they're unique enough to escape the 'imitator' tag. Apparently, there are some songs on their Myspace page; if you like rainy-day and mopey indie-pop, give this little band a check-out.

(And if you happen to possess mp3's of this single's b-sides, "Fork Number Two" and "Leaves Know Nothing of Love," you could become my friend instantly if you sent 'em to me. Expect more love for this young band in the coming weeks.)

Listen To: "Hey, Abraham"

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