June 28, 2005

Via Tania "True"

Via Tania is the project of Australian-based Tania Bowers. She's got a lot of friends in the Chicago independent scene, and past records have included assistance of members of Tortoise, Giant Sand and Eleventh Dream Day. True is, in actuality, a single taken from her most recent album, Under a Different Sky. It features two versions of "True"--a new recording and the album version. The album version is lazy and jazzy; it's simple, pretty folk-rock, but the remade version jettisons the guitars and sends it straight into dance territory, and "The Best Thing" shoots Via Tania straight into Bjork territory. She's no Bjork, of course, but she still has a breathy style that sounds quite nice. "Felt Cave" is a remix of "In The Deep," done by A Grape Dope (John Herndon of Tortoise), seems more a vehicle for Herndon's remixing skills than it does Via Tania; it's glitchy and pretty in that Tortoise way, but it's somewhat lightweight and ultimately forgettable. True might not be the best starting place for those unfamiliar with Via Tania--this is a stopgap release between now and her new album that's coming this fall--but it's interesting nonetheless, and it whets the desire to hear more stuff by this obviously talented young woman.

--Joseph Kyle

Artist Website: http://www.viatania.com
Label Website: http://www.chocolateindustries.com

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