June 10, 2005

Various Artists "Sleeping In The Market"

In 2001, Yayehe Smon and his father Mehari, who had immigrated from Ethiopia to Israel, made a return trip to their native homeland, for they chose to retrace their journey from their homeland. In so doing, they chose to create a document of their journey, and the resulting collection, Sleeping In The Market is a fascinating slice-of-life from Amhara, the Ethiopian state they once called home. The collection includes all kinds of different sounds, from a child singing a song about love, a blind beggar performing in the street on a metal flute, traditional songs about God and even a teenage girl singing a contemporary song.

The most captivating selections come from a teenage boy named Atempo, who sings songs while his friends play traditional instruments. His voice is hypnotic and otherworldly; "Ney Ney Ney" and "Aderch Arada" transport the listener to a world they've never experienced before. Sleeping in the Market is a unique collection of field recordings, all of which are very vivid and provide for a fascinating aural experience.

--Joseph Kyle

Label Website: http://www.locustmusic.com

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