June 09, 2005

Great Lake Swimmers "Great Lake Swimmers"

The haunting sounds of crickets chirping instantly sets the musical tone for the self-titled debut of Ontario-based Great Lake Swimmers. Though just now seeing release in the United States, Great Lake Swimmers received critical acclaim upon its release, and understandably so. Great Lake Swimmers is the brainchild of Tony Dekker, and though technically a band, the music's as sparse as any solo act, appearing only occasionally. The music is a blend of country and folk, but the music transcend both genres. With a flushed, hushed voice that's accentuated by the subtle use of reverb (and occasionally sounding like My Morning Jacket), Dekker leads his band through ten gentle, delicate songs that transcend both folk and country and move along with no particular rush. Songs like the gorgeous "The Animals of the World" and "This Is Not Like Home" (both songs accompanied by the crickets that appeared at the beginning of the record) bring tears to the eyes, while the hauntingly lyrical "Marge, A Vessel, A Harbour" is simply beautiful. A fine, beautiful debut.

--Joseph Kyle

Artist Website: http://www.greatlakeswimmers.com
Label Website: http://www.misrarecords.com

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