March 04, 2005

Low Skies "I Have Been to Beautiful Places"

It's a deep, dark and dirty soulful growl you'll hear on I Have Been to Beautiful Places, the debut EP by Chicago's The Low Skies. Over an accompaniment that's bluesy but never blue, this five piece make moody rock that's bleak and depressing. Lead singer Chris Salveter occasionally sounds like a mix of Tom Waits, Jeff Buckley and Anthony Kiedes, making for a oddly compelling listen. The music's bleak but hopeful; on songs like "Pull It Over" and "New Deal," you aren't overwhelmed by any kind of negative emotions inasmuch as you are given the experience of hearing a man in pain sing his emotions. The winning tracks are the closing one-two punch of "Ready to be Done" and "Funeral Pew," which finds Mr. Lead Singer giving his heart out for all to see, and he does a good job of convincing you of his power as a singer, because you're instantly drawn in. My only advice would be to vary up the tempo between songs, because staying at the same pace for more than five songs could get rather boring rather fast.

--Joseph Kyle

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