March 08, 2005

Cex "Starship Galactica"

Ahh, Cex. Everyone likes Cex. Well, at least around here, we do. Rjyan Kidwell, he’s a bit of a kidder, he’s also a bit of a boy genius, what with the rhyming skills and the hip-hop composing abilities of his. Way back in the day, before he showed the world his steez, he was more of an experimental artist-type, aiming to make thoughtful laptop composures with funny song titles. Thus, he released Starship Galactica way back in 2001 (though these songs were recorded several years before) on Stewart Anderson’s 555 Recordings label. In that pre-rapper era, his music was fun and funny, but it really wasn’t all that distinctive. There were some gorgeous moments, like the really pretty “Your Handwriting When You Were a Child in Winter,” and there were some really silly moments (the “Hi Scores” sketch) but all in all, it wasn’t a distinctive Cex record. For the most part, the pieces seemed unfocused and unfinished, though even then they did have a certain charm and intelligence to them. He’d soon abandon these more straightforward ways in order to be an MC. Reissued, Starship Galactica contains three bonus tracks, but none of them are particularly distinctive, As a record, it must mean a great deal to Kidwell, because it’s not one of his brighter moments.

--Joseph Kyle

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