March 21, 2005

Genghis Tron "Cloak of Love"

Genghis Tron’s debut EP, Cloak of Love, is a mess. A beautiful, noise-ridden, electronic sheet of noise blast of messy electronic music meets punk rock meets a little bit of hip-hop and a whole lot of weirdness. Normally, such a messy musical mess might be a little too much of a loose-cannon description, but that is perhaps the best way to describe Genghis Tron’s style. This is music that is extreme and normally not easy to listen to, but there’s something charming about Cloak of Love. Underneath those noisy moments, there’s a pretty melody screaming, fighting and trying to get out. On “Laser Bitch,” you’ll find a great Belgian dance rhythm that’s not unlike a weird blending of KMFDM and New Order or the better moments of mid-80s Wax Trax! On “Sing Disorder” and “Rock Candy,” you’ll get a blast of noise that’s kind of like Dillinger Escape Plan or The Locust, but with a bit more melody. I’d mention the singing, but it’s more like loud, vocal-chord destroying screaming, but even that sounds nice! I’m not always one for noise-rock like this, but this record—it is strangely addictive. At five tracks, they kept it brief—which probably adds to the appeal as well. All and all, Cloak of Love is an oddly compelling listen that will leave you entranced.

--Joseph Kyle

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