January 31, 2005

The Perishers "Sway"

Ah, another European pop band we're only learning about after a year of critical acclaim! The Perishers are a really great little pop band from Sweden, and they make pretty, sensitive pop music that's not unlike Coldplay and Radiohead. You know the drill--beautiful, atmospheric rock that's indebted greatly to OK Computer and songs that are sung by a breathless falsetto choirboy singer. Well, let's just say that lead singer Ola Klüft has the goods to deliver the goods. Cynicism aside, all five of these songs are really great, three of which, "Sway," "My Heart" and "Trouble Sleeping" will appear on their American debut record, Let There Be Morning. Personally, I'm most fond of the song "Trouble Sleeping" (with its rhythm that's not unlike "Karma Police") and the B-Side "When I Wake Up Tomorrow," which seems to build off of "Freebird," but all of these songs are quite pleasant and intelligent and poppy and nice and I can't help but give this little EP a good grade. I can't wait to hear that new album!

--Joseph Kyle

Artist Website: http://www.perishers.nu
Label Website: http://www.nettwerk.com

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