January 04, 2005

Monopoli "Monpoli"

Washington DC's Monopoli is a band clearly inspired by the bands that made the early 1990s interesting, touched with a little bit of that popular indie-rock pop style a la Spoon and spiced with a little hint of that Britpop thing like Coldplay and Radiohead. It's really not as uninspiring as such a description would lead you to believe; this is a young band, of course, trying to find their voice. As they're still searching for their own sound, such things are--for now--somewhat forgivable. "Love" and "Everybody Anyway" are pretty mellow, sensitive numbers and “Fast Enough to Kill You” reminds me a lot of Guided by Voices, but I'm most fond of the finale "Tonight," with its basic acoustic-guitar and voice combination—it’s a simple song that says quite a lot.

Given a little time and a little more experience—they’ve only been around for a year—I’m pretty sure that Monopoli could develop into an even better, unstoppable force. Monopoli is enough proof that such a thing is possible.

--Joseph Kyle

Artist Website: http://www.monopoli.tv

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