May 22, 2003

the soundtrack of our lives 'gimme five!'

This is a stopgap reissue of a release from 2000, and, personally, I'm glad they decided to reissue it, because I've really wanted to review it! In case you didn't know, The Soundtrack Of Our Lives are currently on the road to becoming the Next Big Thing, and if you've heard their most recent album, 2001's Behind The Music, then you already know that expectations are extremely high--and rightfully so--for their next record.

How wonderfully promising this EP must have been for those who heard it when it first came out, what with its harder sound, intelligent lyrics, and an utter devotion to pure melody! When describing TSOOL to friends, I describe their sound as "Rolling Stones via Oasis," and not only do I stand by that description, Gimme Five certainly proves my point. And they pummel you with the rock, too. From the opening chords of "Dow Jones Syndrome," TSOOL are utterly relentless in delivering an onslaught of classic rock, never pausing to breathe, and giving nothing but their best. Not a naff track in the lot, either!

While we await delivery of the next entry into 2003's Top Ten list, Gimme Five is a wonderful look-back at a band whose best work is far from behind them. At the very least, it proves that Behind the Music was far from a fluke. If you're wondering who is going to save you from bland, boring-ass rock music, I think that The Soundtrack Of Our Lives answered that question three years ago. Thanks, Hidden Agenda, for rereleasing this record! (Disturbing double-take cover art, too.)

--Joseph Kyle

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