May 24, 2003

Flaming Fire "Songs From the Flaming Temple"

I think that we are in the presence of a new religion. A new, not particularly peaceful religion at that. I think it's kind of based on Amazonian culture. From what I've gathered, this new organization is matriarchal and monotheistic, and is quite, erm...different. The main goddess, who apparently goes by the name of Lauren Weinstein, appears to be based on another tribal goddess, Ari Up. But Ari Up was a much more benevolent, loving soul compared to this unnamed Goddess.

Songs From the Shining Temple is a most bizarre record, and is all the better for it. From loud chants to cacophenous percussion and noises I'm too afraid to attempt to figure out, there's a whole lot of weirdness going on here. And, you know what? I LOVE IT. How could I not? I'll tell you why..I'm afraid to! This Goddess is a very vengeful, angry deity. According to "Kill the Right People," she's been around for a while. From "Goddess of War" and "Gun Through a Razor," we learn that, well...she demands your love...or else.

This is a band that rivals both the Slits and Crawling Chaos in the utterly weird, totally odd, and disturbingly interesting music. Instead of weird new wave or twisted tribal reggae, Flaming Fire mix in a whole bunch of influences, so that their music cannot be linked, traced, or derived from anyone else. Flaming Fire make their own music...and if you don't love it, or Songs From The Shining're doing so at your own risk.
One of the most lovingly confounding records I've heard all year, if not ever..

--Joseph Kyle

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