May 19, 2003

Kosmonaut "Desert Song" C/W "Bee Song"

Whoops, Jimmy Tassos did it again--yes, that's right, he released another awesome little slice of POP music. It's nice to actually have a vinyl 7" single in the "single of the week" section! Jimmy is one of the last holdouts of the 7" format, though I've heard he's grown tired of the format--or at least has had a few hassles. Anyway, his labor of love once again reaps a wonderful bounty. Kosmonaut features Stephen Maughan (ex-Bulldozer Crash) and Geoff Suggett (Ex-Lavender Faction), and the results are exactly what you'd expect. Mellow and never dramatic 80s-style pop that reminds me a little bit of Aztec Camera and more than a little bit of those wonderful Just Say Yes samplers. "Bee Song" is my choice for my next new-girl-impression mix-tape sensation. Kudos, now let's get crackin' on that full-length!

--Joseph Kyle

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