June 13, 2006


The music found on loscil's fourth album, Plume, is as pretty and as relaxing as you would expect from a Kranky artist. Hushed ambient tones are peppered with ever-so-subtle beats, making for a gentle soundscape that is never dull or boring. Their albumSubmers felt like the soundtrack to a film about underwater exploration, and that's definitely still true today. It's hard to feel anxious when listening to Plume, and it does nothing to raise your pulse. Plume has an earthy feel to the record, one that keeps it from being too flighty or too light. If you're in need of an evening sedative or a non-narcotic nightcap, then there's no better tonic than Loscil.

Listen To: "Zephyr"

Also, it's worth noting that loscil recently released a free album, entitled Stases. It's a bit darker than Plume, and it's definitely a bit more ominous, but it's still an utterly beautiful record, and best of all…it's free! Check it out:

Listen To: "Still Upon the Ocean Floor" (from the free album Stases)

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