December 03, 2002

Lo-HI "say it more"

Side projects are a fun distraction for some, a way to work out musical ideas for others. Lo-Hi is the side project of Hollis Queens, whose main gig recently has been Boss Hog. Not that you're gonna get an explosion of the blues here; no, in fact, Say It More sounds like a band that's been listening to the collected works of Bikini Kill.

Lo-Hi aren't guilty of retreading Boss Hog ground, thankfully. Lo-Hi has a distinctive voice all their own, even though Hollis does indeed bear a strong vocal resemblence to Kathleen Hanna. On songs such as "Runaround" and "Light Up," you'd think you were back in the days of Riot Grrrl. When Lo-Hi are a bit more experimental, such as "Little Plant," "White All Around," and "Leopard Skin," the band really stands out.

This is only their second album--their first in a few years, and their first as a full band--so maybe it's a matter of time until Hollis and company develop a more original sound. Say it More is a powerhouse of rock and punk and grrrl stuff and noise and guitars and such, and it'll be interesting to see what they'll be once they've spent some time growing and maturing--and thank god they don't sound like just a side project!

--Brandon Random

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