October 25, 2006


It's nice to have a new record by Sprites. For years, Jason Korzen has written some wonderful (and wonderfully funny) songs, both as Sprites and Barcelona, and their latest record, Modern Gameplay is no exception. It's a fun, funny record full of new-wave inspired pop songs about life and popular culture. From songs about unloved blogs to songs about wonderfully zealous and enthusiastic indie-pop girls from New York City, regardless of what he's singing about, he's sure to put a smile on your face and a little warmth in your soul.

Do you consider yourself more of a songwriter or a cultural critic who simply likes to set his findings and his opinions to music?

A songwriter, I guess. Maybe a very self interested lyricist? I was really nervous turning this last Sprites record in to the record label, more than anything else I've done. Its like 17 songs written for my own entertainment. I was unsure if anybody else would be interested.

"I Started A Blog..." -- an innocent commentary, or an ironic yet
masterful manipulation leading to blogger reaction? Or is it simply a true story?

No, the song is true. I was looking at this blog I had been working on for like a year, posting on nearly every day and the song title came to me. All of the posting and cross posting that has happened with that song has been pretty hilarious. I didn't write it as some kind of marketing idea, but I shouldn't have been surprised by it.

Little Shirley--that's a name I haven't heard in years! Tell me a funny Little Shirley story. And what did you make on the Indiepop Quiz?

I got a really high score on the quiz. I should be embarrassed at how high. I'm sure my score has sunk considerably since then. Shirley is awesome. She was just this precocious fifteen year old with great taste in music when I first met her. Its funny that I still see her periodically, and I'm always compelled to ask if she's 18 yet. I imagine at some point she will be really, really famous.

Do you find it easier to write a song that's extremely personal, or one that's less personal yet more universial in nature?

I'm not sure if it is easier or not, but for me it's a lot more gratifying. I feel like I'm writing about things that are uniquely me and introducing myself to strangers. Its kind of like blogging in a way, only I'm better at it.

So what other blogs do you read?

I like political blogs mostly. I give them credit for making politics interesting to me. There are a few mp3 blogs that I like too.

How's the DC-area Indiepop scene doing in 2006? Any great bands you'd care to share with us?

Kind of quiet at the moment. It seems like a few years ago everybody simultaneously stopped playing in indiepop bands and became DJs. I'm still big on the Antiques here in DC. My friend Ivan's band the Positions are really good and make me feel guilty because they work a million times harder at it than I do.

What do you have planned next?

I don't really know. I am working on two film projects this fall and doing a bunch of remix work. I have a ton of new lyrics written, so I wouldn't be surprised if I get interested in working on new Sprites tracks during the winter when life is more quiet. I haven't had much interest in playing live lately.

The Sprites' new album, Modern Gameplay, is available now on Darla Records

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