October 02, 2006

Happy Fifth!

In case you didn't know, today marks Mundane Sounds' fifth birthday. It seems like only yesterday that we started publishing, yet it seems like I've been at this for damn near forever. In any event, I want to take a little time to say thank you to YOU, dear readers. I appreciate the fact that you choose to read our humble little website, and that you've (hopefully) stayed true to us over the past half-decade. Things have changed a little bit since those first humble days, but things have only changed for the better! (At least I think so.) I was going to write some big, happy, wordy essay, but I decided against it, because hey, we have things to do. We're making some really big improvements and changes back behind the curtain, and we have some exciting things planned for this fifth year. We hope you take the time and stick around.....you'll be glad you did!

Joseph Kyle
Editor, Mundane Sounds

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i know i'm late. me so sorry.