August 24, 2006

Neil Hamburger "The World's Funnyman"

Sometimes, words fail to fully capture the essence of a great man. That's certainly the case with the awesome Neil Hamburger, comic genius extraordinaire. His fame has certainly skyrocketed over the past two years or so, and the man known as "America's Funnyman" is now referred to "The World's Funnyman," and rightly so!!! In fact, that's the name of his latest full-length DVD performance, out now on Drag City!

This wonderful document captures a recent performance in Australia, and let me tell you, the jokes just keep on coming, and the audience simply goes crazy for Mr. Hamburger's humor. And while it's said that you can never really capture the magic of a live performance on film, I'd like to say that's not the case when you're talking about Neil Hamburger. The World's Funnyman should come with a warning sticker: HUMOR SO FUNNY THAT IT WILL MAKE YOU HURT YOURSELF. I should know: my bum is sore and my knee is skinned. Why? Because I fell out of my chair at least a dozen times while watching Mr. Hamburger offer up laughs and jokes at an insane rate. I honestly thought I could keep up with him, but, you know, when you ride with the big boys, you're gonna get hurt.

If you survive the laugh riots, if you want more, then Mr. Hamburger has more! Also included is an interesting documentary from the Australian tour, with footage that shows you just how much of a professional entertainer Mr. Hamburger is. And, if that's not enough, there is a bonus section with a feature film, "Left for Dead in Malaysia," a Canadian documentary, a wonderful music video for his hit song "7-11 Are All the Same," a list of the credits, and an FBI warning that will indeed scare Hell out of you.

And, if after all that, you still want more...then you're greedy!

The World's Funnyman proves, once again, that Neil Hamburger is a national—nay, INTERNATIONAL—treasure, and will satiate your comedy sweet-tooth.

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