August 09, 2006

Flogging Molly "Whiskey on a Sunday"

A documentary about an American band playing traditional Irish music blending with punk rock, thrown in with country and folk—it can only be Flogging Molly, right? Right. Yep, this wonderfully addictive band has recently released a full-length DVD, entitled Whiskey on a Sunday, that documents the history of the band quite well. An Irish dude with ties to Motorhead and heavy metal, a guy who simply decided one day that he wanted to learn to play the accordion, an Irish immigrant who plays violin, a punk rocker dude with an extremely positive outlook on life, plus a dead-serious drummer and a few others who are just as intent? These guys are serious about their music, and it shows. This is one of those documentaries that shows the band for who they are; it highlights their history in fascinating detail, and it shows what the band is best at: playing LIVE. There's a reason these guys tour incessantly; they're one of the best live bands, ever. I know people who are extremely ADDICTED to them, and I am as well, after watching this. Though you don't really get to see all of the downsides of being in a band, or any real glimpses of the negative aspects of Flogging Molly (whatever they may be, I'm just sayin', is all…) but that's quite all right. My favorite was the "ugly American" teenager who mistook two of the band for skinheads, when he, in a fit of overt tolerance, decided "his" German bar was no place for intolerant people who hate people based upon the way they look.

Also included is a ten-song live disc, full of some really amazing tunes. For someone like me, who is rather new to Flogging Molly, this two-disc collection is a WONDERFUL introduction.

Check out some clips from the film, dealing with the band coming together and getting a record deal:

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