September 12, 2005

Rogue Wave "10:1"

Rogue Wave’s Sub Pop debut, Out of the Shadows, was nothing more than a reworked version of their debut album from a year before. Thus, it’s been a bit of a wait for new Rogue Wave material, and 10:1 is the first single from the band’s highly anticipated second album, Descended from Vultures. The title track is a blistering rocker; so impressive it is, it will make you forget all about their first album. Zach Rogue sounds like he’s singing from the bottom of a well, but that’s okay, because it really sounds cool. The organ grinding’s cool, too. Overall, it’s an explosive little number.

The other three songs are exclusive numbers and are a bit mellower, but, again, that’s okay, too, because the songs are delicate and pretty and charming. The harmony and the downbeat music of “Interruptions” can best be described as “sounds like 1974.” “Wait for It” is a pretty acoustic number that kinda has a stripped-down Mercury Rev feel to it, and Zach’s singing is simply wonderful. “Crush the Camera” is a mellow country-rock number, which, again, is quite pretty.

So you’ve got one part rocking and three parts pretty. Sounds like a great combination! 10:1 is a nice little sample, and if this little taste is any indication, then Descended from Vultures might just be a terrific album.

--Joseph Kyle

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