September 28, 2005

Brian Jonestown Massacre "We Are The Radio"

You either love or hate the Brian Jonestown Massacre. Let’s not even mention that film, because that was a bullshit slam piece that masqueraded as a disturbing portrait of a tortured genius. (Watch the commentary version of the film to discover the disturbing truth about the filmmakers.) Anyway, Brian Jonestown Massacre’s returned, and they’re still as magical as ever. We Are The Radio might be a mini-album, but such a format has always served BJM quite well; it allows Anton Newcomb and his band the ability to display their talents in short bursts, without running the risk of self-indulgence. And, as always, Newcombe delivers the goods. There are five great songs on We Are The Radio, from the psych experimentation of “Teleflow 5 vs. Amplifaction,” the classic BJM stylings of “Time is Honey (So Cut the Shit)" to the gorgeously beautiful “Seer” and “God is my Girlfriend.” It’s a brief record, but if you enjoy BJM’s psychedelic jangle, you’ll definitely enjoy this brief excursion. Let’s hear more, Anton!

--Joseph Kyle

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