August 09, 2005

Wolf Parade "Wolf Parade"

So, American Indie Rock scene, get ready. There's a brand new band preparing to dominate you, and this time, they're definitely worthy of the hype machine. Canada's Wolf Parade (NOT to be confused with labelmates Wolf Eyes!) have been around for a few years, have toured with Modest Mouse and have yet to make an opening statement that proves their worth. That's all about to change, though, and Wolf Parade is the radar blip for their impending American invasion. You could be a cynical ass and call them this year's Modest Heat or Hot Hot Mouse, and considering Mr. Isaac Brock helped produce their debut, one might have some kind of justification for such a statement. (Okay, to be fair, don't be surprised at the little Brockisms when you listen to "You Are a Runner and I am My Father's Son.") Spencer Krug can SING, too; he's got a few little David Bowies running through his style, but when he pulls off a magical concoction like "Disco Sheets," it's quite okay. And hell, "Shine a Light" is going to be a HUGE song come this fall; right after they release their debut album Apologies to the Queen Mary,I'm predicting that it will make an appearance on The OC. Let's not get too hyped about that, though...after all, you know what happens when you mix hype with Sub Pop, don't you?

It's pure pop nirvana, that's what!

(You've been warned.)

--Joseph Kyle

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