August 24, 2005

Pale Sunday "Summertime?"

I have a hard time resisting sweet, innocent wholesome indiepop. When the singer’s sincere and sweet and the words are heartfelt, I’ll admit—I’m a goner. That’s why I’m admitting to being a total, utter swoonin’ fool over Brazil’s indiepop kings Pale Sunday. This trio has a sound that will satiate the sweetest of pop fixations; the music is sweetly simple and simply sweet, full of all the things that make great pop music great: jingle-jangle guitars, tambourines, hand-claps and crooning. Really, we were suckers for their debut EP, but that didn’t prepare us for the ten songs found on their debut Summertime?; there was simply no way we could have known these three romantics could have made a breathtaking record that captures the essence of youth.

From the heartbreak of “She’ll Never Be Mine” to the joyous “Sunday Morning” and the simply dreamy “Never Fall Apart” and “Mary,” Pale Sunday doesn’t try to overwhelm the listener with heavy-handed topics. Every member of the threesome takes turn writing songs, and that creates a nice variety of the very simple themes to be found: love, crushes, heartbreak, holding hands and enjoying music. More importantly, these songs are about enjoying life, the experiences of life, and the elements that make human existence wonderful: emotion.

Their music may be simple and it might sound like it’s about to fall apart, but underneath the clutter and the racket is the heart of a really great young band. This is music for mix-tapes made by young men who know the magic of mix-tape making, and if there are other bands making this kind of charming indiepop, I really don’t care to know…I’m in love with Pale Sunday now.

--Joseph Kyle

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