May 27, 2005

Metropolitan "The Lines, They Get Broken"

DC-based Metropolitan have been around for several years, and their third album The Lines, They Get Broken, finds the band delving deeper into a swirling, buzzing sound that’s somewhat melodic and somewhat grooving. Though the record lacks a bright spark that makes them stand out in a crowd of their contemporaries—at times they seem to have a bit of a Sonic Youth fixation—songs like “Pakistan International” and “Letterbox” have a poppy appeal that’s quite catchy and will get your toes a-tappin’.

It’s clear that Metropolitan is a trio of accomplished, talented musicians and The Lines, They Get Brokenisn’t technically a bad record, it’s not a very distinctive one, either. If they were to break away a little bit from the Sonic Youth tendencies, that would be a good thing, because the moments where they let their personality and originality shine through certainly prove that Metropolitan is a band who is capable of more.

--Joseph Kyle

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