May 20, 2005

Crooked Fingers "Sleep All Summer"

This here little limited edition 7" single fills a mighty big void. Crooked Fingers' Eric Bachmann has a beautiful voice that sounds great live, and with Sleep All Summer, that's exactly what you get. Recorded live in Philadelphia on his recent tour with the recently-departed Delgados, the two songs "Sleep All Summer" and "You Must Build a Fire," taken from his recent album Dignity & Shame, are performed here in haunted, stripped down form. He's joined by Emma Pollock on the A-Side, and the two voices together--coupled with the rough feel of the live recording--suggest that the two should work together in the future. His voice is still whiskey tinged and utterly goregous for it, and if you get the chance to see Crooked Fingers, don't pass it up. This little obscurity is worth seeking out.

--Joseph Kyle

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