February 01, 2005

Reverend Glasseye "Happy End and Begin"

Okay, now, this is kinda spooky, kinda creepy and yet really kinda cool. Reverend Glasseye-a member of the weird and wacky and underappreciated Slim Cessna’s Auto Club-is a mysterious fellow, which you’ll quickly glean from Happy End And Begin his latest sermon to the masses. This five-song rant is a happy collection of gypsy-meets-hillbilly sounds that borders on the unclassifiable, though if you’re a fan of anything by Tom Waits, Nick Cave or 16 Horsepower, you could easily give the Reverend and his band of merry-makers a home. The Reverend has a voice that sounds like a gospel preacher-well, he is a preacher-and his band could give revival to even the weakest soul. Dig their soulful “The World Is Not My Home Sir” and their utterly creepy “Spook the Turk’s Nag” or the caravan-styled “Last Standing Man.” With creepy organs and banjos and saxophones and trumpets and all kinds of weird instruments unknown by most, Happy End and Begin is, if nothing more, a cornucopia of sounds all piled together. All of these songs will inexplicably draw you in and will give your soul some communion and sanctuary…but do you really want it? It’s up to you, my friend, but don’t fear-the Reverend will not hurt you.

--Joseph Kyle

Artist Website: http://www.reverendglasseye.com
Label Website: http://www.musicforcats.com

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