February 24, 2005

Giant Drag "Lemona"

Here are the hooks to all five songs on Giant Drag’s debut EP Lemona, in the order that they appear:

“Love? This isn’t it. You wouldn’t know if it hit you.”
“When you’ve had enough, you’ll give me up.”
“Your dream is my nightmare.”
“You’re just like my father.”
“What’ll you do? Nobody loves you no more.”

This Californian duo knows a thing or two about truth in advertising. Singer/guitarist Annie Hardy’s outlook on relationships is terminally pessimistic, and the flat and dispossessed manner in which she sings about them can make listening to her songs…well, a giant drag! Fortunately, her songs are good enough to compensate for the bad vibes. Overall, Lemona sounds like a 14-minute summary of the highlights of 1990s female-fronted alternative rock. “This Isn’t It” and “Tired Yet” are the kind of breathy, angular ditties I haven’t heard since Jennifer Trynin’s first album. The bent guitar playing on “Cordial Invitation” is straight out of the My Bloody Valentine handbook, and the sinister synthesizer groove of “YFLMD” pure Garbage. The final track, “Jonah Ray Is A-Okay (But That’s All Hearsay),” has a verse/chorus transition that sounds like two different songs stitched together, but Micah Calabrese’s steady, sprightly drumming makes it work. Each song on this EP improves on its predecessor, which bodes well for Giant Drag’s upcoming full-length. They’re a bit too derivative for me to praise them to the skies, but they’ve definitely got talent and potential. I look forward to hearing more!

---Sean Padilla

Artist Website: http://www.giantdrag.com
Label Website: http://www.wichita-recordings.com

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