September 02, 2004

World/Inferno Friendship Society "Speak of Brave Men"

I make no secret that I love World/Inferno Friendship Society, and I think that anybody that reads Mundane Sounds should take the time to check them out as well. They’re a theatric band with a predilection for punk, ska (think Weimar Republic, not Two Tone) and big, grand pop music. Though they’ve released a few albums, in my opinion they’re a band that’s made for the single format-because they can do their thing and get out of there, without ever suffering from monotony. Speak Of Brave Men, their newest single, is a good case in point. These three songs pick up quite nicely where their last album, Just The Best Party left off, yet they never stray too much from their classic, definitive style. “Brother of the Mayor of Bridgewater” continues the Bridgewater story that’s been following the band since the beginning. The band’s never sound better than they do here. The other two songs, “Paul Robeson” and “Friend in Wein,” are also good numbers. Lead singer Jack Terrycloth sounds great, the band is tight, and everything’s status quo for the World/Inferno. That would be the kiss of death for most bands, but considering how infrequent new WIFS records are, the status quo for them is better than most band’s innovations. This record’s perfect for both the curious and the converted.

--Joseph Kyle

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