September 20, 2004

Les Savy Fav "Inches"

Back in 1996, the members of Brooklyn’s art rockers Les Savy Fav had an idea to release nine 7” singles whose artwork came together to form a puzzle. Eight years later, the project is finished, and compiled onto a CD for the record player-impaired. The tracks fall in backwards chronological order as to when the singles were released, sort of taking a trip down Les Savy Fav’s memory lane. I must say, they flow together quite well.

The album starts us off with the Les Savy Fav of today, a dancy number called “Meet Me in the Dollar Bin”, a tale of a band whose CD winds up in Budgetland at your local used CD store. “The Sweat Descends” also makes you want to shake your rump. As the disc moves on, the album gets less groovin’ and more rockin’. Tracks like “Reprobate’s Resume” and “Bringing Us Down” make me feel like I’m a drunk 23-year old again; while the album’s closer (and the A-side to the band’s first single) “Rodeo” reminds me of the first time I saw them play; truly a performance that restored my faith in rock and roll.

That having been explained, may I conclude that Inches is, in this writer’s opinion, the best thing Les Savy Fav has ever released. (Clearly seconded by me!!!!--ed.) It seems as if Les Savy Fav put their best foot forward on each single they released, thus it makes sense that when you put nine of those together, you wind up with one hell of an album.

---Kyle Sowash

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