June 24, 2004

Superhopper "Does this sound exciting yet?"

Superhopper did the right thing.

They decided to rock.

I've really been getting into this record of theirs, Does This Sound Exciting Yet?. It's a very appropriate title, because that question's answer is a most resounding YES!!!!! Of course, it's really hard not to like Superhopper. They make rock music, period. It's nothing too weird, nothing too odd, nothing too hip just plain-jane, pedals-to-the-metal rock and roll music. With a little punk influence here, a little bit of power pop there, throw in some harmonies that would make Rivers Cuomo textmessage his lawyers and you've got the tried-and-true Superhopper formula.

When you've got twelve songs in twenty-eight minutes, you know that you're dealing with a band that doesn't really want to waste your time with making anything complicated, and Superhopper doesn't get all caught up in being 'arty.' Instead, they focus on making some really great songs, such as the wonderful 'New Fresh Midwest," the snotty "I Am Scheming" (my new themesong) and the great "Button." Best of all is a love song dedicated to the long-forgotten Saturday Night Live actress Laraine Newman, entitled, yup, you guessed it, "Laraine Newman"
Lead singer Kermit Carter has a voice that instantly makes you wonder what he's up to, it's that snotty, too.

This is a great little record, one that doesn't waste your time. If you like rock music--and in 2004, we know it's hard for you to like rock music--then you'll really get excited about Does This Sound Exciting Yet?. I know I have.

--Joseph Kyle

Artist Website: http://www.superhopper.com
Label Website: http://www.guiltriddenpop.com

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