January 17, 2006

EBSK "Space:2003/

The sensibilites of an artist can be determined by the format with which they release their music. Any artist or label choosing to release music on miniCD's (or CD3) is obviously choosing to follow the road less traveled. Considering these discs only allow for twenty minutes' worth of music, this format requires an artist to be terribly succinct; a limited amount of time certainly kills any self-indulgent tendencies. The tiny format of the CD also helps to remove any possibility of 'casual listening.' It's a demanding format, and it's understandable why some artists would take a liking to such a medium. Then again, a band like EBSK, which combines the talents of a clarinet player with a keyboard wizard, won't soon be mistaken for a band following the primrose path to stardom.

That being the case, the CD3 format works perfectly for EBSK's music. The two songs on this release are quite engaging, but in a rather unhurried, unassuming way. Both songs are instrumental, and though they don't differ dramatically, they're both rather distinctive. "Space:2003" starts with a mellow spaced-out drone, but then picks up tempo and becomes rather jazzy and slightly funky, but not in a terribly overwhelming kind of way; though the bass and keyboards are rather soothing, there's a small rumbling growl underneath the mellow grooves that keeps the song slightly ominous. "Deep Red" is definitely a bit funkier; out comes the clarinet, and after two minutes of a hypnotic spaced-out clarinet groove, the band turns away from that, introducing a beat-box and a funky groove, which, after two more minutes, is reintroduced, leading the listener into space and into blissful waves of sonic love. The groove is comparable to Drums & Tuba's music pre-jam-band makeover.

Thanks to the brevity of the format, EBSK is allowed the ability to make a concise statement about their art--and they do it quite well, thank you. In the time since listening to this, I've really fallen for this band, and I recommend wholeheartedly a visit to their website, where you can experience some great mellow instrumental rock.
--Joseph Kyle

Artist Website: http://ebsk.alkem.org
Label Website: http://www.scarcelight.org

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