November 03, 2005

Kelley Stoltz "The Sun Comes Through"

To listen to Kelley Stoltz’s single The Sun Comes Through is to experience the music of a man who loves classic rock and roll. No, we’re not talking about a Black Sabbath-meets-Blue-Cheer imitation, either. (Gee, Sub Pop would never release a record like THAT, would they?) We’re talking about the music of artists like John Lennon and Lovin’ Spoonful and other bands who were the transition between pop and rock. This five-song EP offers up one song from his forthcoming Sub Pop debut and four unreleased gems, and all of them are winners. The title song sounds like John Lennon circa Mind Games, but without the depression of Lennon's solo years. It’s a catchy number, too; just try avoiding its catchy rhythm.

The rest of the songs are also quality productions, even if they’re not quite as magical as the opening number. “You’re Out of This World” has a marching rhythm that’s quite reminiscent of Vanity Fare’s hit “Hitchin’ a Ride.” “Away With The Swans” has a low-key psychedelic feel that kind of sounds like Randy Newman meets Syd Barrett. But the real winners come with the last two tracks. “Let’s Go Out Tonight” has a funky, boogie-woogie beat that’s impossible to resist, while “Where You’re Going” is a shimmering, blues-based ballad with some great piano banging.

All in all, this is a brief but very satisfying sample of some really good music. Kelley Stoltz has impressed tough-to-impress critics overseas, while remaining rather low-key in the United States. Hopefully, that will change soon…

--Joseph Kyle

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