October 30, 2005

Interview: Her Space Holiday

Describe the recording process for The Past Presents the Future.

With The Past Presents the Future, I reverted back to a more traditional recording/song writing approach. Since I wanted the album to be more focused on lyrics and melody, rather than production, I sat down with an acoustic guitar and/or piano and banged out basic melodies. Once the lyrics were written, I then recorded the vocals with the simple instrument lines into the computer. I then added the beats and the rest of the arrangements from there.

What song on your album do you feel you put the most work into, and why?

I think the third track on the album, "The Weight of the World," took the most time because I used a lot of trial and error with the arrangements. I also worked with other singers on the track so that added a bit more time to the production process.

If someone were to ask you what song on The Past Presents the Future best represented your overall work, which song would it be, and why?

I would probably have to say the first song "Forever and A Day" best represents the overall album. That track has all the elements that are sprinkled through out the record. There are a lot of strings, guitars and the song is very lyrically based.

To you, what song on the new record is the most meaningful?

The final song, "The Past Presents the Future," is probably the most meaningful to me out of all the songs on the record. When I approached that track, I wanted to write a song as if it were my last i would ever make. I wanted to encompass the last ten years of my life into three and a half minutes.

If you had to describe the ideal setting for listening to The Past Presents the Future, what would it be?

I think the ideal setting for listening to the album would be in a quiet dark room. The record is pretty subtle so it really couldn't hold up in a loud party environment.

What's next?

I have a lot of touring, remixing, producing, short story writing, and clothing design to take care of over the next few months.

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